2 October 2017

Dear Friend of Calvary,

Our beloved church has many missions.  Its central mission is spiritual: the regular reading of Scripture, centering on the Gospels’ message of open-hearted love and acceptance of others.  As part of its spiritual life Calvary provides services of shared communion that renew our ties to Jesus and to one another, as well as the offering of prayers for ourselves and for the world.  Tied to this ministry of the Word are ministries of music and Christian fellowship. 

Yet Calvary is also committed to providing material support for those in need, both among our own congregation and throughout the wider community.

Once a year, Calvary calls on each of us for sustaining contributions that go beyond our Sunday offerings to the collection plate.  This call from our church is known as the Every Member Canvass.  As we make these annual pledges and renewed commitments, we join spiritually with other Episcopal congregations throughout North America.  We also renew our tie to Calvary’s founders.  More than 150 years ago, the original congregation of our church set an example to us by raising the money to buy the land on Fourth Street, and then paying for the building of this church, stone by stone, from its deep foundations to the cross atop the steeple.  Look up at the West Window the next time you leave after a service – the money for the stained glass was raised by the children of the Sunday school.

We have reached a turning point in the existence of our beloved church, now more than 150 years old.  After weathering many crises and uncertainties, Calvary is surging forward once again.  It is up to each of us to ensure that this momentum continues.  We are also committed to expanding Calvary’s mission of vigorous outreach programs.  These activities have transformed Calvary into a central place for neighborhood initiatives ranging from free violin lessons to Alcoholics Anonymous.  Here at our church, thanks to your donations, food and clothing are distributed daily to those in need.  

As you believe in Calvary’s mission, we are now most urgently beseeching you to increase your pledge of support for Calvary in the coming year.  Please help our church continue its work, both in our own lives and in the lives of hundreds more throughout this city.


John R. Hale

Every Member Canvass Committee

Calvary Episcopal Church  

If you have any questions, please contact us at bookkeeper@calvaryepiscopal.org

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