Calvary's Sunday School is under the capable leadership of Britt Shelton, Calvary's Sunday School Coordinator. 

The Sunday School program will be geared for children in grades K-5 and will be held in conjunction with the 11 am service. Children sit with their parents until they are invited to go to Sunday School when the Gloria or Kyrie is sung.  They return to the service before the Holy Eucharist and are invited to participate with the congregation.

During the Sunday School children learn Bible stories and theological principles, applying them through crafts and inter-generational discussions. 

 Britt Shelton, Sunday School Coordinator

Britt Shelton, Sunday School Coordinator

A little bit about Britt.....

Britt Shelton is a Louisville native. She recently moved back home with her son Darin after many years in Los Angeles, California. She studied business management at the University of Louisville where she won multiple National Championships on the Ladybirds Dance Team. She graduated from University of Texas at El Paso with a bachelor's degree in business. 

Prior to joining Calvary, Britt was brought up in the Lutheran Church. She continued her Christian education at Calvary from the age of 10 years old. She attended Sunday school and then was confirmed at Calvary. She also spent a lot of time with the children in the nursery assisting for many years until she left to attend UTEP. Britt continued her journey of involvement with children in church through teaching Sunday School while living in Los Angeles.

Britt enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and going on adventures around town with her son. She has a heart for serving children's ministry and looks forward to all the fun experiences and growth at Calvary.