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Calvary "Lay Weeders"

Calvary Episcopal Church is getting its hands dirty and helping a vision take flight in the Garden of Goodness as we join our neighbors in planting vegetables, herbs, and flowers, tending to fruit trees and berry vines, and, of course, weeding.  Calvary’s gardening committee is, after all, the church’s ‘lay weeders.’

Thanks to the vision and generosity of Bruce Cohen, a Calvary neighbor, the Garden of Goodness is a unique urban community garden located on Seventh Street, between Ormsby and Oak streets, wherepeople in Calvary’s neighborhood not only do ‘garden things’ but also come to sit in the shade on a summer afternoon to talk, rest, and reflect. For one neighborhood artist the garden provides a peaceful place to draw and paint. Earlier this summer, as Van Gogh sunflower seeds were being planted, he sat in one of the many chairs in the garden and sketched.

In addition to a sunflower patch, Calvary has planted a butterfly and bee friendly flower and herb garden to help our pollinator brothers and sisters (a nod to St. Francis), as well as a vegetable bed so fresh produce can be provided in our food ministry.   Calvary Episcopal Church is pleased to be a part of our community and work along side our neighbors as we celebrate God’s wonderful creation in the Garden of Goodness. Come and join us - get your hands dirty.


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Calvary's Well

On Thursdays at 3:30 pm, Calvary brings fresh, cold water to patrons of the Salvation Army's Shelter on hot summer days. The shelter is located on Brook and Breckinridge Streets.