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Calvary's Well 
"And now, Father, send out out to do the work you have given us to do"

Calvary's Well

Calvary’s Well started when members of Calvary Episcopal Church noticed that people were waiting outside a shelter near the church in the heat of a summer afternoon for a place to stay the night. They thought of Jesus having a conversation with a woman at a water well about a well of life that lasts forever.


A team was formed, coolers of ice water were set up on tables, cold water was handed out, conversations were started, and friendships were formed. Since then, Calvary’s Well has evolved greatly. Before the COVID-19 pandemic Well volunteers gave out sandwiches and snacks. Unfortunatey as with many things the pandemic forced the Well to take a break. Since August of 2022, a new team has formed and we are again providing much-needed items to our neighbors on the streets. 

The Well Team goes out on Wednesday afternoon at 1:00pm; anyone is welcome to join us. Contact Lee+ at or come to the Office door on Wednesday at 12:45pm.  


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